We take your privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes how and why we obtain, store and process data which can identify you. We may update this policy from time to time and shall indicate on the website when changes have been made.

2 The Information we collect

Information is collected from you when you register with us to receive newsletters or updates, or when you contribute to or use some of the advanced features on the site. The information we collect is clearly set out on the web page on which we collect it. See for example our sign-up form and contact page. In addition, we may collect your IP address and use cookies unless you decline to accept them when you first use our site or configure your web browser not to accept them (see section 3.2 below).

23 Cookies

Cookies are tiny files containing information that are stored on your device or within your browser. A cookie allows us to recognise if you have visited our website before, what preferences you set, if any, and how you use the site to help us improve our service going forward. Cookies are anonymous and we do not use the information to identify you as an individual. Some are essential, some are not.

23.1 Privacy Control

In order to comply with EU law, our website must inform you a) of the presence of non-essential cookies on our site and b) how to tell us that you do not wish them to be stored on your device. In order to do this effectively we have implemented a Privacy Control solution on our site which can be found at the footer of our page under ‘Cookie Settings’. The purpose of this solution is to inform you and to assist you to easily turn non-essential cookies off if you so wish. None of the non-essential cookies that we use are in any way harmful or malicious.

23.2 How to disable cookies in your browser

Privacy Control provides cookie peace of mind whilst you are on our website. To set your cookie preferences for all websites that you visit not just ours, you can disable cookies from your browser and delete all cookies currently stored on your device. Click “help” on your browser’s menu to find out how to do this. Please note that if you choose to disable cookies from your browser it may prevent you from taking full advantage of some websites and some may fail to work. [addthis tool=addthis_vertical_follow_toolbox]

23.3 Types of Cookies used

Cookie TypePurposePotential Intrusiveness to Customer
EssentialThese cookies are essential for our site to function. They are used to ensure that log-ins are secure, enable you to add things to your basket if applicable and to checkout securely for example.Low
User EngagementOur site uses some social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, comment fields on blogs, forums and forms. These allow a certain element of user engagement and these cookies allow this to happen. These types of cookies are non-essential for the functionality of our site.Low
Google AnalyticsThese cookies collect information, none of which is personal or traceable back to an individual, that helps us to see how many visitors come to our site and how they use it. This is so that we can produce reports that will lead to site improvements going forward and allow us to provide better services to our visitors. These types of cookies are non-essential for the functionality of our site. See Google’s privacy policy to learn moreLow
Privacy ControlPrivacy Control, our cookie management solution,  uses a cookie to tell us whether or not to place non-essential cookies on your device. No personal information is stored. This cookie is non-essential for the functionality of our site.Low
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